Archetipo publishes Villa S, projected by Mao Architects. On this occasion at the studio arch. Milanese, invited by the gruop of students, held a meeting to illustrate the technology used and the relationship that binds the building intimately to its place.
IoArch publishes an article about Villa S, in which it expresses the full force of a project that from the article’s title "against mimicry" fuels the debate on the relationship between architecture and landscape and on the importance of territorial planning as well.
Mapei rewards the project of the Mao Architects studio and publishes in the Realtà Mapei magazine the project of Villa S giving a wide interview with the architect Erich Milanese.
This is the first  publication of Villa S, a project in which the firm finds a strong  synergy of intent with the client and the company. The result is a  complex and experimental work characterized by a strong evocative and  symbolic value aimed at fueling the debate on the relationship between  architecture and landscape, between nature and buildings. An austere  architecture that seeks an intimate dialogue with the context.