Conegliano - Treviso


The idea of the project belongs to the Bravi group of companies. It reflects the spirit of the company, which, through the years of its professional development, carried a promise to comply with the principle, which is now called the “principle of sustainable development 360” in social, natural, moral, ethical and management terms.

The concept of sustainable development proceeds from these premises and is based on the above values.

Such is the spirit that formed the new architecture. It’s no coincidence that the building is being built near the central garden, which is the main element of the project, connecting the existing complex with the new building. The garden gives residents of the entire complex the opportunity to devote a moment for reflection.

The garden bears various senses: from the ethical point of view, it embodies the obligation – a symbol of consciousness; from a social point of view, it is a place of meeting, peace and beauty; from a technological point of view, it promotes good ventilation, as it works as a natural air duct, which reduces the need for mechanical cooling of rooms.

The face of the building is a style element that gives the building a recognizable and architectural identity, and acts as a kind of “guide” illustrating the evolution and spirit of the company. Stylized framed wood is best represented as a heritage of the territory, historical memory and ethical obligations.

Pasolini reminds us of the difference between development and progress. Development is aimed only at increasing economic indicators, while progress implies an improvement in social conditions in general (and not only in the economy) and in the quality of life.

The spirit of the project is close to progress, as attention is focused on the technology of “smart building”, which is a structure that meets high standards of quality and environment. Trigeneration, geothermy and solar panels are the key concepts of energy technology that provide convenient and environmentally friendly logistics.

When designing the building, energy from renewable sources and from sources with a long-term perspective is combined, and in general, the microclimate of the entire building was actively influenced by the complementary effect of the layout and own engineering units of nZEB buildings, buildings with almost zero consumption.

The aim of the project is sustainable development of the environment, combining energy efficiency and high aesthetic qualities, which is obviously a reflection of the company's development method, which keeps up with social obligations, an integral part of which is such aspects as sustainable energy development, and, above all, the quality of life.

MAO Architects
Conegliano - Treviso
Total land Area
12.000 sq. m
Groos Floor Area
1.200 sq. m
Bravi S.p.a.
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The building is located near the Olympic pool in the western part of Dakar. This is a real story about the life of the city – its main glass face will reflect scenes from the daily life of the city, all the diversity of its atmosphere. The building is intended primarily for management personnel – on the ground floor, there are common areas, such as a hall and a cafeteria, conceived as a combination of individual functions of the building, as a “road junction” between the office part (underground parking) and the external public part.

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