Dakar - Senegal


The building is located near the Olympic pool in the western part of Dakar. This is a real story about the life of the city – its main glass face will reflect scenes from the daily life of the city, all the diversity of its atmosphere.

The building is intended primarily for management personnel – on the ground floor, there are common areas, such as a hall and a cafeteria, conceived as a combination of individual functions of the building, as a “road junction” between the office part (underground parking) and the external public part. Permeability is enhanced by the rise of vertical profiles, forcing to turn the eye upward, which enhances the feeling of dynamism of the building and at the same time acts as a “threshold” between the office and public premises.

The idea of the project is the desire to donate to Dakar a building, which would become a new reference point for the city, not only for building in a new construction into the development, but also for implementing the approach on the basis of sustainable environment and ethics. From the point of view of sustainable development, the building is built completely without matrix; in particular, the technology involves the use of ready-made aluminum sections. The very heart of the building is technology that allows achieving the highest energy efficiency of building systems. Energy consumption will be extremely low or almost zero, and most of the energy needs will be supplied from renewable sources, with full rainwater harvesting and wastewater treatment for subsequent irrigation.

MAO Architects
Dakar - Senegal
Total land Area
285 sq. m
Groos Floor Area
1.915 sq. m
Isocele 2

The idea of the project belongs to the Bravi group of companies. It reflects the spirit of the company, which, through the years of its professional development, carried a promise to comply with the principle, which is now called the “principle of sustainable development 360” in social, natural, moral, ethical and management terms. The concept of sustainable development proceeds from these premises and is based on the above values.

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