Shalovo – Kaluga Russia


Shalovo village in Kaluga Region is located in the very center of the European part of the country and closely borders with Moscow and its region. The region is rich in architectural, historical and natural heritage objects. The ancient history of the region is evidenced by numerous monuments of temple and civil architecture from different eras and styles. This area is just perfect for cultural tourism and recreation. Its temperate continental climate is pleasant for rest at any time of the year, depending on the intended pastime and suitable weather conditions. Due to its picturesque nature, the Kaluga Region is an ideal place for outdoor activities, such as hunting, fishing and ecotourism. There are many rivers and forests. Lovers of quiet outdoor recreation are attracted by the state-protected territories of the region and nature monuments of regional and all-Russian significance.

One of the significant indicators of the development of the socio-economic system of the region is recreational provision as well as the availability and condition of the service market. The services are those that characterized by investing in the satisfaction of sophisticated, diverse and highly personal needs for beauty, prestige, individuality, and admiration, called the industry of experience. The project for the integrated development of the territory of the Shalovo village is based on the implementation of the missing recreational functions, taking into account the unique natural and ecological features of the area, such as the unique sacred spring and the Chapel of the Holy Trinity.

  1. A brook of spring water located on the banks of the Perekhodnia River and rich deposits of therapeutic muds are the ideal place to host a Spa Center in this area. The guests of the center, experiencing the heart of the Kaluga region, can truly enjoy the natural beauty, using the healing power of healthful minerals.
  2. The existence of a large plot of land, a diverse landscape and a potentially developed structure of partners (spa, hotels, residential complexes, etc.) contribute to the creation of an international-level golf club site with 27 holes and 3 routes.
  3. In the south of the territory, there is a modern equestrian club for children and adults on an area of 14 hectares in an isolated picturesque forest area.
MAO Architects
Shalovo – Kaluga Russia
Total land Area
1.115.448 SQ. M
Spa centre:
Total land area
7.399 SQ. M
Gross floor area
5.646 SQ. M
Golf club:
Total land area
826.955 SQ. M
Gross floor area
4.050 SQ. M
Total land area
143.482 SQ. M
Gross floor area
5.929 SQ. M
Total land area
23.127 SQ. M
Dairy market:
Total land area
3.514 SQ. M
Gross floor area
740 SQ. M
Total land area
110.971 SQ. M
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