‘You might understand the words I need to tell you as too abstract, but they are filled with inspiration, and everything that is filled with inspiration must be clear to you ……’

Alexander Alexandrovich Blok

This project is an opportunity for us to create a unique chronotype in a huge industrial area in the south of Moscow, a kind of symbiosis of space and time.

As in past centuries, when people transported various goods and material values along any routes, they were exposed to various hazard influences. Nowadays, information networks perform the same function and are the object of new encroachments.

Humanity should be able to prevent such attacks, and information values must be well protected and preserved.

The outer shell is a symbol that protects and preserves: a hand is what inevitably guides and gives instructions to the mass of information and data placed in a sphere.

The main task is to combine a high-tech building of strict block forms and the extreme expressiveness.

The block sample, which is deliberately cut off from the ground, reinforces the concept of the space-time suspension of architecture and is in complete contrast with the indoor scene, in which space and time are revealed.

Thus, this architectural project is a kind of mechanism through which the perception of the past and the future happens.

This chronotype, built in this way, is based on architecture, which intends to carry a pragmatic image on the one hand and at the same time a poetic, phenomenological aspect with the goal of gradually getting every visitor interested in it.

MAO Architects
Total land Area
5.700 sq. m
Groos Floor Area
13.527 sq. m
SB Development - Sberbank

Project approach to develop the “WE’RE 01” site on the Ricchieri street in Pordenone suggests that the improvement of the existing housing stock is directly related to the restoration of the urban environment and the limitation of site development impaction.

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The building is located on a flat terrain in the Veneto region, in the Santa Lucia di Piave municipality, in urbanized (currently) rural areas. After the World War I, the landscape was subjected to constant unification, without regard to the distinctive features of the territory and without regard to historical memory.

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