Santa Lucia di Piave - Treviso


Project approach involves the redefinition of the current architectural volume through an element functional to insulation, shading and shelter from rainfall, which covers the current office building like a second skin, by creating, from the volumetric point of view, a monolith whose austerity is amplified by the mono-material surface. The expressive strenght of the building is emphasized by the hanging façade, detached from the basement, thanks by a metal truss which is carefully sized to ensure structural stability. This hanging volume is highlighted, during the day, by a different surface treatment: a metal net in stainless steel, dark gray,  named “Spazzolagrano”, with a square wire of 1.7 x 1.7 mm and a square texture of 2.3 x 2.3 mm, in contrast to the light gray paving of the basement, made in washed gravel “Sassoitalia”. In the evening, a lighting system incorporated into the structure, will emphasize the abovementioned effect as well as ensuring an optimal lighting of the paths and a view in transparency of the two internal open-air gardens, placed in the two opposite corners of the basement.

MAO Architects
Santa Lucia di Piave - Treviso
Groos Floor Area
418 sq. m
Soligon S.p.A.

The Seaside, located in the popular Jesolo Lido, represents a project of refined elegance which aim is to overcome the traditional idea of “beach house”, by focusing the attention on details and selection of materials. The building enjoys a sea view location next to Piazza Brescia, central area of Jesolo Lido. The building consists of five stories, one penthouse and one basement with garages and stores, for a total of 10 luxury apartments with wide sea views.

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Shalovo village in Kaluga Region is located in the very center of the European part of the country and closely borders with Moscow and its region. The region is rich in architectural, historical and natural heritage objects. The ancient history of the region is evidenced by numerous monuments of temple and civil architecture from different eras and styles. This area is just perfect for cultural tourism and recreation.

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