Conegliano - Italia


The idea of the project originated as the desire to preserve the picturesque features of this land plot located on the hills of one of the most beautiful parts of Conegliano. These territories  due to their uniqueness are under the protection of the State. Despite the fact that the site is almost completely isolated, it offers a gorgeous view of Conegliano and the surrounding area.

The existence of restrictions on the development of these picturesque areas has led to the fact that the work was carried out in a constant search for an agreement on with the existing context and environment. By virtue of the lay of the land and local flora inspection, as well as the successful color solution, the project perfectly fits into the surrounding landscape.

The building, which is located on three levels with a flat roof, seems to be closely adherent to the lay of the plot. There is a pond near the entrance to the house, which reflects the surrounding landscape.

Paved paths lead to the mirror surface of the reservoir. In fact, the pond carries not only aesthetic, but also technological sense: there is a powerful photovoltaic installation in it, which, together with geothermal equipment in the underground accommodation, makes the house autonomous in terms of energy consumption. The use of local microclimate in combination with new technologies allows implementing the nZEB model, nearly Zero Energy Building.

Thus, the building fully reflects the plan of the designer and the project owner  - to combine high aesthetic potential with complete environmental stability, which allowed fitting the new building into the surrounding landscape in the best way.

MAO Architects
Conegliano - Italia
Total land Area
950 sq. m
Groos Floor Area
900 sq. m
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