Pordenone - Italia


Project approach to develop the “WE’RE 01” site on the Ricchieri street in Pordenone suggests that the improvement of the existing housing stock is directly related to the restoration of the urban environment and the limitation of site development impaction. In this context, from the very beginning, environmentally friendly innovative technologies support architectural solutions and increase their value, putting the social, economic and cultural needs of people in the first place. This does not deprive us of the opportunity to recreate a comfortable and inspiring environment that will seamlessly fit into the environment, aided by high-end architecture. The reconstruction is aimed at uniting the existing buildings and gathering together the green zones that were previously scattered throughout the territory, which will allow the territory to be better viewed and, at the same time, create the effect of privacy, as it will fence off the buildings from each other. Thus, the green zone bears double load - it should improve the situation around the buildings and, importantly, will function as a sound absorber, which will reduce noise and increase the comfort of housing. From the perspective of layout, the development area is connected with the environment – from the South-East, it is connected with the main gate, for highway transport and pedestrians, with Ricchieri street, and also with the gate for pedestrians from the North-West, which allows the best use of public places (park – schools – service sector enterprises – public transport) without using road transport. All of this allows implementing the principle of sustainable development at 360 degrees and satisfying public needs in an environmentally friendly way, in the spirit of restoring the urban environment, which is facilitated by careful design and construction aimed at reducing the inefficient use of energy resources.

MAO Architects
Pordenone - Italia
Total land Area
1.390 sq. m
Groos Floor Area
3.520 sq. m
DVG constructions

Layout, colors, light, odors, design concept, art, food – these are the diverse ingredients that create an elegant and exciting atmosphere of the “Ghiacciaia”. The charm of this place affects all five senses. The guests of the “Ghiacciaia” say that different eras became one forming a place with unique characteristics, with an informal and elegant style, and a sophisticated atmosphere where details run the show.

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This project is an opportunity for us to create a unique chronotype in a huge industrial area in the south of Moscow, a kind of symbiosis of space and time. As in past centuries, when people transported various goods and material values along any routes, they were exposed to various hazard influences. Nowadays, information networks perform the same function and are the object of new encroachments.

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