WOMB is an open competition by invitation launched by Reale Immobili, the Real Estate division of Reale Group, whose aim is to design a new office building in the Porta Nuova area of Milan.

The plot on which the building will rise is strategically a symbolic and geographical connection between the historical fabric and the most innovative and experimental area of Milan. To create a dialogue between these territorial realities is the goal of our team; we have tried to translate this need into an innovative organization of space in order to give shape to a contemporary working place tailored to its users. In this project, from the design of the triple-height lobby to the "harp" curvature of ceramic elements that mark two sides of the building and that guard the green terraces, everything is thought as a real mother's womb where life and biological processes develop in harmony and naturalness. A pedestrian access suspended over the underground square, located 4 meters below the street level, leads directly to the lobby and shapes the base of the south-east facade by drilling it and deforming it inwards. The south-east and south-west sides have transparent surfaces, protected by slats that run vertically along the entire building and which, through the photocatalytic material they are coated with, filter air from pollutants. The southern facade looks towards the center of Milan with long open terraces where the luxuriant greenery brings nature into the offices on each floor. The northern facade, on the other hand, is linear and monolithic, speaking a simple but clear language, a surface that maximizes transparency and indirect natural lighting and that offers protection and safety, as well. In addition to the public spaces on the ground and lower floors, the tower also houses a real "Landscape Forest" on the top floor. A suspended path offers a unique experience leading the visitor through trees and rich vegetation, while at the same time offering a unique view of Milan.

MAO Architects, Uoou Studio, Studio Dedalo
Reale Immobili

Design approach of “CaLaNova residential building” in Castelfranco Veneto, starts from the assumption that, nowadays, the improvement of existing buildings is essential for the topic of urban regeneration and the containment of land use. In this sense, the principle at the base of the project considers sustainable innovation as a way to support and amplify the value of architecture.

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The Seaside, located in the popular Jesolo Lido, represents a project of refined elegance which aim is to overcome the traditional idea of “beach house”, by focusing the attention on details and selection of materials. The building enjoys a sea view location next to Piazza Brescia, central area of Jesolo Lido. The building consists of five stories, one penthouse and one basement with garages and stores, for a total of 10 luxury apartments with wide sea views.

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