Valdobbiadene - Treviso


An exemplary intervention for the way through which it creates a dialogue between the rural identity of the past and its present. The complete renovation of an original 19th century agricultural complex, located in Valdobbiadene in the Treviso Prealps area, authentic and exclusive cradle of the homonymous Prosecco Superiore DOCG, shows a careful mix between modernity and tradition. It confirms the criterion of how the stylistic features of the 19th century peasant world can be communicated in a contemporary way, giving a new life to the hamlet. Located within the area of Fasol and Menin wine estate, "Borgo Fasol" represents a real unicum that allows you to retrace the historical vicissitudes of the place, from "Stazione Taurina" catalyst of the rural community that has become a self-sufficient microcosm populated by a large patriarchal family. The Borgo's recovery project consists of 10 rooms offering the Bed & Breakfast formula, a residence for the staff of the winery, a multifunctional space for tastings, meetings and the cooking school, and a virtual museum, for an innovative “tale” about the strong relationship among wine, vineyard, art, history and culture of the territory. All the additions of the late 1900s have been demolished in order to amplify the relationship with the surrounding landscape and to create a visual opening towards the valley and the vineyards. Together with the existing elements, the open spaces have also been redefined, such as the green steps, the porch, the lawn and the farmyard, with the aim of establishing a new relationship among all the volumes. The intervention seeks to reclaim the place, in fact at the center of the project there is the enhancement of the space between "elements", to amplify the usability, diversity and beauty of the context where the buildings are inserted. In the courtyard, the main spaces and functions get back their original correlation. It regains the historical value of meeting place and connecting element of all activities. Therefore, the original village configuration is born again, hence the name "Borgo Fasol", full of heterogeneous open spaces designed for different activities. Another significant element of the project is the theme of sustainability, essential aspect for the client, underlined both in the plant engineering choices to achieve high performance in terms of energy requirements, and in the use of natural and recyclable materials. The entire supply chain production will be based on the “zero kilometer” policy in order to use materials coming from local companies. The process of rebirth of "Borgo Fasol" has just begun but it will change the way of conceiving the hospitality of the area, it will become an ambassador for the enhancement of the beauties of the territory in a true "UNESCO Spirit".

MAO Architects
Valdobbiadene - Treviso
Tramite S.r.l.
Total land Area
21.300 sq. m
Groos Floor Area
1.120 sq. m

The Seaside, located in the popular Jesolo Lido, represents a project of refined elegance which aim is to overcome the traditional idea of “beach house”, by focusing the attention on details and selection of materials. The building enjoys a sea view location next to Piazza Brescia, central area of Jesolo Lido. The building consists of five stories, one penthouse and one basement with garages and stores, for a total of 10 luxury apartments with wide sea views.

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