Dhermi - Albania


A splendid virgin coast, wild nature and spotless white sand: Dhermi, a door on the Mediterranean sea, a perfect location for the new concept of exclusive five star resort, and absolutely innovative concept not only for conception, architecture and design but also for the materials and technologies used for the implementation.

Dhermi is located on the southern coast of Albania opposite Otranto and the Isle of Corfù and near the natural mountain park (Llogara): the land in object of development has already been found in the borough master plan as area to be used for hospitality development and consequently it is a particularly suitable site for the construction of a luxury resort that might, thanks to its natural characteristics, mostly highlight the potentiality of this area.

Rocks facing the sea, small bays and an irregular coast are the framework and the same time become part of the new project. A project in which enters the landscape thus becoming the main character and suggesting not only the volumetric composition, the choices of style, materials – such as natural stone, great glass surfaces – and the creation of amazing and magic views so as to make the guests confuse the inner spaces with outer spaces.

The project, besides having interesting landscape-environmental values, involves also social-economic aspects being it a private fund investment with a very strong public aspect, planned not only with the objective to implement the tourism receptive offer and highlight an area still virgin and  very rich of potentiality and located in a strategic position in the Mediterranean Sea- since it opens towards the most required and fascinating locations in the world such as Greece, Egypt and Italy, heart on the most ancient civilizations- but also to create and guarantee the most realistic opportunities of stable employment employment. The tourism resort is composed of a hotel, restaurants,a casino, a spa and a small  harbour, for a total of about 30.000  square metres.

It is possible to breathe an innovative concept of the journey and of the stay in  the “ De Luxe” category  by going through the spaces that develop throughout the structure and which offer a service useful to meet the most demanding requests of customers  looking for a location that must be unique  in a spectacular frame and in close contact with nature and sea.

It is with this vision that the structure opens towards the sea  with a little harbour for about 20 private boats and yachts, connected by a a footbridge on the sea, at which end there is an area for a heliport in order to guarantee immediate first aid emergencies, secondarily to allow the landing of private helicopters.

The structure offers in its main body, set among the rocks, bedrooms and suites with sea view and customized services, furnished with a refined design in  harmony with the context, but it also offers splendid presidential suites with private swimming pool dug into the rock and organized in independent units in the green overlooking the sea and connected to the main body of the building by through breathtaking paths through rocks and local flora and trees; a lobby with several relax areas with amazing sea views, a comfortable lounge bar, elegant stores of the most prestigious brands, which brings, through areas in which the natural light offers unexpected impressions and rich games of lights, to the three theme restaurants, the business areas, the casino area and the disco, and finally to the magic area of the Spa with external pool and reserved area for the talassotherapy.

The theme of subtraction (digging) and addition (construction) is proposed both for the whole building and for the outdoor pools which get together with foot-paths and terraces so as to create an articulated urban context focused on the hotel.

The business area is characterized by a multi-functions main room and satellite rooms where to hold events, meetings, conferences; the area casino comprises of about 3000 sq metres of elegant roulette, blackjack, baccarà, chemin de fer  rooms, for expert and non expert players, very refined VIP rooms and slot machines lounges, all serviced by two exclusive bars.

The spa, beating heart of the resort, is composed by quiet and meditative  areas, where the search for tranquillity and psycho- physics well being dictates the spaces; the natural materials and the light become the main actors; the massages area through which to see the crystal clear sea waters, the warm water pools, the saunas, the Turkish baths, the light rays beat the slow rhythm which helps reaching  relaxation and tranquillity, using the most advanced therapeutic  talasso techniques.

An outdoor pool that looks without edge and the nearby shore complete and define the daily rhythm of the guests who will enjoy unforgettable sun sets tasting cocktails served by the bars on the shore and along the pool.

In this ambitious and innovative project carried out by a team of architects, engineers and experts, the nature is not only part of it, but it becomes active part thanks to the use of renewable energy sources: the planning approach looks at passive environmental control through thermal  masses and cogeneration plants.


By cutting and filling the rocks the structure is basically semi-buried under the local vegetation and the rain waters are collected to water the common green areas; the glass is used  so as to avoid excessive light during the warm months and allow it in during winter months, while  the wind is used through solar chimneys which allow transversal ventilation.

This elements altogether make this building an energetically self sufficient and sustainable system, thus accepting the challenge of the millenium.

MAO Architects
Dhermi - Albania
Total land Area
90.000 sq. m
Groos Floor Area
30.000 sq. m
Monaco Aliandred
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