Pederobba - Treviso

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Layout, colors, light, odors, design concept, art, food – these are the diverse ingredients that create an elegant and exciting atmosphere of the “Ghiacciaia”. The charm of this place affects all five senses. The guests of the “Ghiacciaia” say that different eras became one forming a place with unique characteristics, with an informal and elegant style, and a sophisticated atmosphere where details run the show. Sensory perception is enhanced by incredible scenery, reminiscent of an ancient glacier of the end of the XVI century, located in the heart of the hill. In the past, food stocks were hidden under snow and straw in such glaciers. The “Bunker” of the World War I turned into premises and isolated rooms, and from the “Terrace”, a panoramic view opens to the vineyard below and to the hills. The scenery gets the observer to another dimension, which can surprise even the most sophisticated guest, in appropriate and harmonious way. The concept of hospitality is reflected in style, aesthetics and features, and embodies the ideal “gastronomic treasury”, where comfort and tranquility is just the beginning of continuous, perfect attention to the client, starting with searching for new combinations of flavors and tastes in order to surprise guests and bring to the table the colors, sensations and atmosphere of the Prosecco land.

MAO Architects
Pederobba - Treviso
Total land Area
10.000 sq. m
Groos Floor Area
800 sq. m
Teso Mauro

Shalovo village in Kaluga Region is located in the very center of the European part of the country and closely borders with Moscow and its region. The region is rich in architectural, historical and natural heritage objects. The ancient history of the region is evidenced by numerous monuments of temple and civil architecture from different eras and styles. This area is just perfect for cultural tourism and recreation.

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Project approach to develop the “WE’RE 01” site on the Ricchieri street in Pordenone suggests that the improvement of the existing housing stock is directly related to the restoration of the urban environment and the limitation of site development impaction.

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