S. Lucia di Piave - Treviso


The building is located on a flat terrain in the Veneto region, in the Santa Lucia di Piave municipality, in urbanized (currently) rural areas. After the World War I, the landscape was subjected to constant unification, without regard to the distinctive features of the territory and without regard to historical memory.

In the horizontal layout, the blockwork is striking the eye; it outlines the architectural space, free from outside influence, like a coffret. The building must be inscribed in a geometric space consisting of monoliths, – that is emphasized by the homogeneity of the material intended for both faces and roofing, – which changes the perception of the surrounding space and makes you think about the connection between architecture and territory.

The connection of the building and the landscape makes us rethink the past in a new way, because, unlike the old eras, now we know that the past is not a source of traditions that will support us, and not a place where truth is hidden, but something that we live inasmuch as we re-interpret it. And indeed, this is a strict monolithic building with a layout, divided mainly by the main North-South line, it re-interprets typical traditional elements: a patio, a podium, and a sloping roof. These elements follow the principle of visual volume reduction and are easily recognizable both in plain view and on the face of the building. The design of the space enclosed in these walls creates an absolutely modern, quiet, neutral, respectful space, which seems to be generated by the “mono-material” concept of the 20th century, but, in fact, it is constantly seeking experience for different senses and leading continuous dialogue with the surrounding landscape. In this regard, the volume is expressed by the constant alternation of occupancy and emptiness. The “center of gravity” is a large central courtyard, around which the rooms of the house rotate – this is an ordering element that not only makes the space recognizable, but also separates the public part of the house from the private part.

MAO Architects
S. Lucia di Piave - Treviso
Total land Area
2.366 sq. m
Groos Floor Area
580 sq. m

This project is an opportunity for us to create a unique chronotype in a huge industrial area in the south of Moscow, a kind of symbiosis of space and time. As in past centuries, when people transported various goods and material values along any routes, they were exposed to various hazard influences. Nowadays, information networks perform the same function and are the object of new encroachments.

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