Point des Almadies - Dakar (Senegal)


This is how the new project radically changed the existing configuration.


Our proposal concerns Club House Practice (long game practice green), Putting Green and Pitching Green (short game practice green).

The driving range allows you to play 22 players at the same time (the previous field is two times smaller), and its length exceeds 260 meters, which allows you to train in the best way, avoiding risks, and so that you do not have to watch the ball against the sun.


  • The new field is much more aesthetic and seems much longer than before.
  • The size of the course will be increased, which golfers will appreciate.
  • The size of the driving range (“green”) will be increased (dimensions exceed the average by + 400 m). The most modern construction methods will be used to set up the courses.
  • Tees will become larger and will be built using innovative methods.
  • A number of holes will be placed near water bodies (½ of holes near the ocean) and artificial lakes (new construction).
  • The course will be equipped with a drainage system under the cover, with fixed settings for automatic irrigation.
  • The obstacles are classic sand hoppers (traps) and natural hoppers from local wood species.
  • Autochthonous plants will be used for all green spaces.
  • The flat part of the course will be completely renovated and will become more convenient for players, but will not be suitable for holding important events and tournaments.
  • Grass on the course will be presented with resistant varieties adapted to the local climate for maximum water saving and taking precautions when using fertilizers and pesticides.
  • A modern and functional construction with a separate, secure entrance will be erected in the center of the course allowing efficient maintenance work to be carried out effectively.

In the same way, the Club House and the exhibition center will be designed on the basis of a sustainable approach, without any harm to the sophistication and high level of services that are able to meet the demands of high-ranking visitors from any country in the world.

MAO Architects + pad
Point des Almadies - Dakar (Senegal)
Total land Area
160.000 sq. m
Groos Floor Area
11.200 sq. m
Amani Invest – Dubai

The building is located near the Olympic pool in the western part of Dakar. This is a real story about the life of the city – its main glass face will reflect scenes from the daily life of the city, all the diversity of its atmosphere. The building is intended primarily for management personnel – on the ground floor, there are common areas, such as a hall and a cafeteria, conceived as a combination of individual functions of the building, as a “road junction” between the office part (underground parking) and the external public part.

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