Parghelia - Italia


The project covers one of the most beautiful places in the Mediterranean region, the Coast of the Gods, where a new hotel and residential complex was built on the shores of Parghelia. This resort complex will not keep you indifferent, whether you are the owner or a guest. The project aims to fully preserve the environmental resistance through careful architectural design and the use of new technologies. The picturesqueness of these places, social and cultural features help to integrate new buildings into the existing landscape in the best possible way. These lands have always attracted conquerors: first the Greeks, and then the Romans. Therefore, Calabria is just a mine of architectural and cultural monuments, and our project should harmoniously fit into the existing ensemble, reinterpreting traditions, finish materials and architectural forms, thinking about the future and at the same time, not forgetting the great heritage of the glorious past.

The main objective of the project is to integrate the specifications with the morphological traits of the area; the complex is located on a plot of the land with the difference in elevation of 30 meters and a length of 200 meters, it separates the road from the sea: it consists of a series of buildings, partly closed, partly open, which form a residential complex. Along the line with the difference in elevation from the south-east and north-west sides, terraces were built using dry walls. The terraces are connected to each other by gentle staircases. Such a flowing path exactly repeats the natural relief, and it is the one that sums up the project: this is a kind of “golden thread” hidden, but easily recognizable, which leads you to the flashy azure of the private beach step by step.

In Calabria, “culture” means admiring nature, its delightful landscapes, which satisfy the eye in every bay, behind every cape. The sea is everywhere: it shimmers with multicolored glare in the sun, its smell is in the air, and its noise comes from all sides. The sea is the soul of these places. It is the beginning and the end. It was and always will be. Therefore, the project was aimed at creating a comfortable environment so that visitors could fully enjoy the beauty of these places. We sought to create not only architectural objects, but also a special atmosphere for human communication with nature.

MAO Architects
Parghelia - Italia
Total land Area
14.869 sq. m
Groos Floor Area
11.890 sq. m
Arcobaleno srl
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